Bret W. Lester

Feeling Alright

Yesterday, I explained how Apple was letting me have it by breaking PDFKit in iOS 17. Well, I was sweating it because it was threatening to break critical functionality in my apps. But today, fortunately, I found a workaround. So, upon upgrading to iOS 17, my users will not even notice a difference. At this very moment, I'm feeling alright. As long as I avoid going outside in this brutal August heatwave, I'm feeling alright.

Before finding the workaround, I submitted a TSI (Technical Support Incident) to Apple. Developers get a limited number of these, so you have to spend them wisely. They actually responded promptly (for Apple) and acknowledged that my issue is legit, and they'd forward it to the PDFKit team.

Keep in mind that before submitting the TSI, I created a ticket in their Feedback system with a sample project attached and referenced it in the TSI. The sample project made it really easy for anyone with some technical background to see the issue. I mention that because it's important to keep in mind for anyone who's facing a critical issue and wants to maximize their chance of a response. Basically, you need to present undeniable evidence and make it easy for the engineers to debug it.

Anyway, I'm curious if the PDFKit team will respond and if they'll fix the issue. How big is the PDFKit team? Where is it in terms of priority for Apple? I don't want to let them know that I found a workaround because then they might close the ticket and move on, and I won't get to see how they respond and therefore gain a sliver of insight into the inner workings of Apple.


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