Bret W. Lester

31 Day Blog Challenge

This month I will write a blog post every day. So that’s 31 total blog posts in the month of August. Ground rules are that I’ll do my best to consider the reader and therefore be authentic and avoid cliches. I won't be sticking to any one topic although (FYI) I will be talking a lot about my app business. I will not impose any minimums on length but I can say there shall be no half assed entries. Also, I will share what I learned at the end including all the numbers.

The main concern with a challenge like this is whether or not it’s possible to produce quality content on an arbitrary schedule. The creative process doesn’t typically stick to a schedule. However I think it’s still possible to get into a groove and produce quality content on a regular basis. I think having a schedule in place can be somewhat like putting your creative engine on rails. It can take a while to get fired up and start gathering inertia but once underway it’s relatively easy to keep it going. I’m reminded of my favorite talk radio show hosts of the past who were able to captivate listeners for long streaks on strict schedules with hard commercial breaks and all.

Like much of what I do, this is an experiment. And usually, after an experiment is done, you learn something. So if nothing else, there’s that.


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